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Buenos Aires, as one of the Latin American capitals, is an ideal point of observation about the internationalization process of the Region.

The international (referred to Argentina as the national context) activity of the Buenos Aires branch is mainly twofold.

First of all the branch has the status of a foreign university operating in Argentina with an accreditation from the local Ministry of Education as an independent institution that has its own academic programs, and all these programs are international from different points of view, as the fact that they can include exchange periods in Italy, as the Master of International Relations Europe – Latin America.

Also, the branch is a program and activity provider for the main branch of the University of Bologna in Italy: programs offered in Buenos Aires include i)  Study Abroad programs (with courses in Spanish and English) for undergraduate and graduate students of the School of Economics, Management and Statistics and the School of Political Science, and ii) the Overseas Program, with grants to develop in Latin America Phd and master of science (Laurea Magistrale) thesis of Italian programs; iii) it is also a pivot point of all teaching, research and technology transfer activities of the University of Bologna in Latin America.